Pastor Maldonado crash videos

Williams Formula One driver Pastor Maldonado crashes

Pastor Maldonado is currently driving his 2nd season in Formula One, his driving style have carried him to where hi is, although many also consider that he is one of those driver who have bough his way in to the maximum category. Unfortunately for Pastor he is not proving them wrong, so far he have accomplished 1 race win but on the other hand he have lost many valuable points due to his aggressive style.

If you compare his stats with Sergio Perez’ a driver who have the same time as him in the maximum category, you will find that the Mexican lead Pastor by a comfortable margin of 36 points, and they not only have the same time but drive for two teams that have shown similar pace through the year.

Pastor is missing a cold head in situations of very high concentration, in formula 1 if you don’t have that you will find it much harder to accomplish great results.

Here is a video of the Valencia race this year where he had the chance to finish 2nd but instead he crashed with Hamilton in a silly way. I am not judging if it was his fault or Hamilton’s, what I want to point out is the fact that it will be a complete different story if he will have waited to make the move ahead.

Here is a another video where he was hunting down Alonso on the Australian GP for fifth position but he then put a rear tyre in the grass and it was game over.

And to end it up an incredible video of another Pastor Maldonado crash, this time it was in the World Series by Renault.

Monza circuit map view


In my spare time I browse through a lot of stuff about Formula One. For some time now I know that the Monza circuit is not only the circuit that we see year after year in the gran prix weekend, the circuit has an even a bigger oval circuit that use to held races in the past.Yesterday I decided to look for a satellite view of the Monza circuit and is amazing that at first view the first thing anyone could notice is a big oval instead of the traditional path where F1 cars and many other categories currently run their races. If you are an F1 fanatic and think you already know the Monza Circuit landscape try to figure it out in the picture above, you will notice that it is not as easy as it may seem.

Formula 1 Grand Prix Belgium 2012 Crash – Onboard Alonso


Grosjean-Hamilton-Alonso-Perez wreck
Although Button and Vettel did a great race, the best news from this event was that Fernando Alonso scaped without serious injuries due to a crash in the first corner. First Grosjean collided with Lewis Hamilton who then collected Alonso and Sergio Perez. Hear the sound of the impact in second 11. Alonso was very lucky to escape without a serious injury from this collition.

And here is another angle

Why did Michael Schumacher came back to f1?

“Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In” this is a line of a famous american film (The Godfather III) that suits perfectly to Michael’s situation.

Michael Schumacher

Why he came back? The answer is simple, this is by far one of the best era to be a racing driver and I will mention just a few points to demonstrate it.

  • Salaries: Although we all know Schumacher didn’t came back just for money it does help a bit to make the decision when something extra is offered due to all the benefits that a 7 time world champion will bring to a new team, just to mention a couple, experience and our next point, commercial endorsements.

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New Jersey F1 race confirmed for 2013

Formula 1 supremo Bernie Eclestone confirmed in an interview today that the New Jersey GP will substitute the Valencia GP for the year 2013. This new circuit will add up to the list of street circuits in the modern era of formula. As mentioned before street circuits have many conditions that put them on the top of the preference by organizers and fans, and that is why we have seen how easy they have been added to the f1 calendar in comparison to normal circuits. Sebastian Vettel show us in this a short video how will the New Jersey layout be used to make this street race + some burnouts.

Fernando is faster, once again

Today Fernando Alonso took another pole position in consecutive weekends with similar damper conditions.

Fernando Alonso

It is a great result, and better yet is the fact that Ferrari have considerably improved their form compared to how they started the championship. Now Ferrari is the team to beat, they have the current best driver in the grid and also the best car. Although all of this is good for the team there is a negative note, Felipe Massa’s performance hasn’t been there since maybe the 2010 German GP, where Ferrari scored their last 1, 2 since Fernando’s arrival. I have less doubt now that someone else is taking Massa’s seat for the next season and I don’t want to sound biased with Fernando being a better driver than Massa but at this point even Brazilians may agree. I have said several time now that when Felipe leave the team he will say (true or not) that Fernando had a better car than his, this will be the only way he may justify this big performance gap that the Spaniard have established.

Formula One Race in Chicago

Street circuits have raised a lot of emotions in the past recent years and maybe that is why lately Formula One is always considering new races to be ran at the streets of iconic cities. Singapur and Valencia are two of the fresher examples that we currently have and now even London has appear as a big candidate to have a race in the years to come.

Given the fact that in 2013 there is a big chance now that New Jersey could celebrate an F1 race, I started to think about what other big city in the United Stated could be a potential candidate to celebrate a race as well. In case you didn’t know in the past Detroit used to have a Formula 1 race from 1982 to 1988, where 3 of the 7 races were won by his excellency Ayrton Senna, 2 of them with the Lotus Team and one with Mclaren.

One city that immediately pops to my mind is Chicago Read more