Championship scenarios for Brasil 2012

2012 f1 championship decider

Here are the different scenearios where Vettel or Alonso will win this year Formula 1 championship.

  • Any scenario where Vettel is fourth or higher gives Vettel the title.
  • A win for Alonso would give him the title if Vettel is fifth or lower
  • If Alonso is second, he would be champion if Vettel is 8th or lower
  • If Alonso is third with Vettel lower than ninth, Alonso is champion

The final race is held at the Interlagos circuit in Brasil, a circuit that have gave us many incredible races rising emotions to the top. Just to mention a few from the near past, Raickonen Championship in 2007 and Hamilton’s in 2008 where the tittle was not decided until the last corner of the race.


Alonso or Vettel? who has the advantage?


Alonso vs Vettel 2012 championshipSo 2 races remaining and the big question is already out there. Who have the inside line for the remaining two races on the American soil? I will not write 1,000 lines analyzing the circuit’s characteristics and the cars capabilities, because at the end I think we all know who have the inside line, don’t we? Since the Singapore GP Red Bull has shown that is the team to beat in any type of circuits, Adrian Newey has done it once again and unfortunately in this case as in many others the drivers are not the heroes.

However this does not mean that Red Bull team and driver will have an easy ride to their 3rd consecutive championship in these next two races left. Fernando Alonso has backed up his words delivering great results that have kept him in the fight for the title hunt. After the Abu Dhabi gran prix Ferrari’s chairman Luca Montezemolo have urged team principal Stefano Domenicalli to push even harder in order to give Alonso a car capable of winning races.

Although Ferrari may do a final attempt to deliver an improved car, we have seen in the past races how results have not matched even Ferrari’s engineer expectations; therefore we may see that happening again.

In terms of teammates help, I think Fernando may have the advantage on this one. Even though you are supposed to have only one teammate Alonso could well count with the help of former teammate/rival Lewis Hamilton, his own teammate Felipe Massa and even Mark Webber. In Webber’s case I don’t see him directly helping Alonso by letting him through but by impeding Vettel to score as many points as possible.

No matter who wins the championship, this season will go as one of the most competitive in the recent years, and as a fan that is what matters. Fernando and Vettel have now to concentrate even more on their goals and ask the almighty to ship away some much needed good luck, which has proven to be very decisive when it comes to winning races this year.

Ran over twice by the safety car

Taki Inoue unlucky f1 driver

Because in motoracing a big part of your success depends on many factors that are out of your control, luck is a key element if you are a racing driver. In this case the driver in the video obviously had not luck at all.

Unfortunately for Taki Inoue luck seems to turn its back on his career as a racing driver.He was one of those drivers who are know because they’ve set the worst records in the sport.

He have a record that will be difficult to match or pass by any other driver, even if they wanted to do so. Taki was hit by the safety car twice in different races; the first time was in Monaco in 1995 and the second time, three months later at Hungary. It is very weird seeing a safety car colliding with a racing car, marshall or driver due to the training and expertise of the man behind the steering wheel, but in this case Taki’s lack of luck made this unusual record possible.

Taki Inoue is actually very active in twitter so here is his twitter profile, check it out and follow him. He have great sense of humor and twits about actual formula one, always trying to look it from the funny side.

Pastor Maldonado crash videos

Williams Formula One driver Pastor Maldonado crashes

Pastor Maldonado is currently driving his 2nd season in Formula One, his driving style have carried him to where hi is, although many also consider that he is one of those driver who have bough his way in to the maximum category. Unfortunately for Pastor he is not proving them wrong, so far he have accomplished 1 race win but on the other hand he have lost many valuable points due to his aggressive style.

If you compare his stats with Sergio Perez’ a driver who have the same time as him in the maximum category, you will find that the Mexican lead Pastor by a comfortable margin of 36 points, and they not only have the same time but drive for two teams that have shown similar pace through the year.

Pastor is missing a cold head in situations of very high concentration, in formula 1 if you don’t have that you will find it much harder to accomplish great results.

Here is a video of the Valencia race this year where he had the chance to finish 2nd but instead he crashed with Hamilton in a silly way. I am not judging if it was his fault or Hamilton’s, what I want to point out is the fact that it will be a complete different story if he will have waited to make the move ahead.

Here is a another video where he was hunting down Alonso on the Australian GP for fifth position but he then put a rear tyre in the grass and it was game over.

And to end it up an incredible video of another Pastor Maldonado crash, this time it was in the World Series by Renault.

Formula 1 Grand Prix Belgium 2012 Crash – Onboard Alonso


Grosjean-Hamilton-Alonso-Perez wreck
Although Button and Vettel did a great race, the best news from this event was that Fernando Alonso scaped without serious injuries due to a crash in the first corner. First Grosjean collided with Lewis Hamilton who then collected Alonso and Sergio Perez. Hear the sound of the impact in second 11. Alonso was very lucky to escape without a serious injury from this collition.

And here is another angle