Championship scenarios for Brasil 2012

2012 f1 championship decider

Here are the different scenearios where Vettel or Alonso will win this year Formula 1 championship.

  • Any scenario where Vettel is fourth or higher gives Vettel the title.
  • A win for Alonso would give him the title if Vettel is fifth or lower
  • If Alonso is second, he would be champion if Vettel is 8th or lower
  • If Alonso is third with Vettel lower than ninth, Alonso is champion

The final race is held at the Interlagos circuit in Brasil, a circuit that have gave us many incredible races rising emotions to the top. Just to mention a few from the near past, Raickonen Championship in 2007 and Hamilton’s in 2008 where the tittle was not decided until the last corner of the race.


Kun Aguero and Nico Rosberg in a fast car (Video)


Kun Aguero is a Premier League player known by his immense talent as a footballer. Just last year his scored one of the most dramatic goals in this league history.

Taki Inoue is actually very active in twitter so here is his twitter profile, check it out and follow him. He have great sense of humor and twits about actual formula one, always trying to look it from the funny side.

Tom Cruise drives a Formula 1 car


Tom Cruise who we all know by his passion for Scientology, show us in this video his other passion for doing risky things. To be honest I was quite impressive with the way he handle the car but also I have to say that it doesn’t seem this is the first time he have tried this. Or at least the way they edited the video make us believe that he just had one spin, when I know for sure he had more than that.

After the run on the F1 he then climbed into a helicopter and did a loop, which is a very risky thing to do in these type of aircraft. One thing we know for sure is that this man like “risky business”… pa ra ca tam shushh!

F1 have to be grateful to Sid Watkins

Ayrton Senna and Sid Watkins

Sid Watkins pass away today, he was 84 years old. Watkins was one of those character in the f1 paddock who everybody knew due to his important contribution to the sport in driver’s safety.

He was very close to Ayrton Senna to whom he tried to persuade to retire from the sport and “go fishing with him” in order to avoid all the risks of racing in these type of cars. Later on we all now what happened at Imola on that tragic weekend and was from that point on that Sir Watkins push a dramatic change that have eventually saved the lives and body integrity of many drivers.

The best tribute formula one management along with Motorsport around the world could give to this extraordinary man is to keep up the work on improving drivers and fans safety.RIP Sir Watkins

Can a formula 1 car run upside down?

FORMULA 1 - RB6 car presentation

A Formula One car have a very stretch relationship with fighter aircraft when it comes to design and technology. There are three notable similarities

  • The use of top of the industry technology
  • The small space used to place the different component
  • The use of wings as a key element for their functionality

This last point is critical for both machines. Engineers and designers make use of them to obtain and manage air force flow. In airplanes the air force is used to push the aircraft up, but in F1 cars they use them to push the car down and keep it attached to the floor while taking corners at high speed.

The down force produce by an f1 car is so big that it is possible to flip them over if the car is going at least at 175 km/h and it will keep running attached to the ceiling. To prove how important wings are for f1 cars here is a video that shows Mark Webber loosing his front wing and catching air for several meters.

And here is an animation of a formula one car running upside down. I think it is time now to demonstrate this fact in a real scenario with a real f1 car and a driver on it. It will be a great show for sure.