What makes a great driver greater?

What makes a great driver stand up from the rest of well talented drivers in F1? This is a question that many of motorsport fans ask themselves from time to time and certainly it is a bit tricky trying to answer it. However there are certain conditions that let you determine if a driver has the skills to make a difference or not regardless of race winnings, pole positions or podium finishes. In formula one as in many other motorsport series you race against competition and also against your “teammate”. This last fact lets you determine many times who is the driver who wants to win so badly that will do anything to mentally subjugate their teammates to the number two drivers spot within the team and that there is a sign of a driver who has the determination to win. Read more

Championship scenarios for Brasil 2012

2012 f1 championship decider

Here are the different scenearios where Vettel or Alonso will win this year Formula 1 championship.

  • Any scenario where Vettel is fourth or higher gives Vettel the title.
  • A win for Alonso would give him the title if Vettel is fifth or lower
  • If Alonso is second, he would be champion if Vettel is 8th or lower
  • If Alonso is third with Vettel lower than ninth, Alonso is champion

The final race is held at the Interlagos circuit in Brasil, a circuit that have gave us many incredible races rising emotions to the top. Just to mention a few from the near past, Raickonen Championship in 2007 and Hamilton’s in 2008 where the tittle was not decided until the last corner of the race.


Kun Aguero and Nico Rosberg in a fast car (Video)


Kun Aguero is a Premier League player known by his immense talent as a footballer. Just last year his scored one of the most dramatic goals in this league history.

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