Pastor Maldonado crash videos

Williams Formula One driver Pastor Maldonado crashes

Pastor Maldonado is currently driving his 2nd season in Formula One, his driving style have carried him to where hi is, although many also consider that he is one of those driver who have bough his way in to the maximum category. Unfortunately for Pastor he is not proving them wrong, so far he have accomplished 1 race win but on the other hand he have lost many valuable points due to his aggressive style.

If you compare his stats with Sergio Perez’ a driver who have the same time as him in the maximum category, you will find that the Mexican lead Pastor by a comfortable margin of 36 points, and they not only have the same time but drive for two teams that have shown similar pace through the year.

Pastor is missing a cold head in situations of very high concentration, in formula 1 if you don’t have that you will find it much harder to accomplish great results.

Here is a video of the Valencia race this year where he had the chance to finish 2nd but instead he crashed with Hamilton in a silly way. I am not judging if it was his fault or Hamilton’s, what I want to point out is the fact that it will be a complete different story if he will have waited to make the move ahead.

Here is a another video where he was hunting down Alonso on the Australian GP for fifth position but he then put a rear tyre in the grass and it was game over.

And to end it up an incredible video of another Pastor Maldonado crash, this time it was in the World Series by Renault.