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Formula One Race in Chicago

Street circuits have raised a lot of emotions in the past recent years and maybe that is why lately Formula One is always considering new races to be ran at the streets of iconic cities. Singapur and Valencia are two of the fresher examples that we currently have and now even London has appear as a big candidate to have a race in the years to come.

Given the fact that in 2013 there is a big chance now that New Jersey could celebrate an F1 race, I started to think about what other big city in the United Stated could be a potential candidate to celebrate a race as well. In case you didn’t know in the past Detroit used to have a Formula 1 race from 1982 to 1988, where 3 of the 7 races were won by his excellency Ayrton Senna, 2 of them with the Lotus Team and one with Mclaren.

One city that immediately pops to my mind is Chicago. Although it may not have a big Tradition of Formula One, just the fact that it is a big city with a huge diversity within their population makes me think that it could well feet in an F1 calendar. It could be a great circuit with long straights to allow overtaking and narrow slow corners combined with the extraordinary city landscape which is fabulous.

Chicago city view

There is always a big thrilled when we talk about a street circuit and I think that the main reason is because there is a direct connection with the fans. Street circuit allow the fans to be more near to the action than what a classic race circuit does, also I think emotions rise up even more when you see these extraordinary machines running through the streets that you normally take to work, gym, school etc.

Although Chicago have all these conditions, there’s always a political/economical phase that every race organizer needs to deal with first. Until this could be seriously considered and unfold in a great race venue, let’s watch a scene from the movie Driven where Silvester Stallone decided that it will be best to pursue an Indy Car in another Indy Car anddddd without a helmet in the streets of Chicago, to top it off, of course they will do all of this at night, you gotta love Hollywood!!

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