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Ran over twice by the safety car

Taki Inoue unlucky f1 driver

Because in motoracing a big part of your success depends on many factors that are out of your control, luck is a key element if you are a racing driver. In this case the driver in the video obviously had not luck at all.

Unfortunately for Taki Inoue luck seems to turn its back on his career as a racing driver.He was one of those drivers who are know because they’ve set the worst records in the sport.

He have a record that will be difficult to match or pass by any other driver, even if they wanted to do so. Taki was hit by the safety car twice in different races; the first time was in Monaco in 1995 and the second time, three months later at Hungary. It is very weird seeing a safety car colliding with a racing car, marshall or driver due to the training and expertise of the man behind the steering wheel, but in this case Taki’s lack of luck made this unusual record possible.

Taki Inoue is actually very active in twitter so here is his twitter profile, check it out and follow him. He have great sense of humor and twits about actual formula one, always trying to look it from the funny side.

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