Did Porfirio Rubirosa took part in a F1 race?

The answer is yes. And for those of you who did not know, he was

Porfirio Rubirosa racing a formula 1
First dominican to race in Formula 1

a Dominican character known worldwide as a playboy. He made his mark as an international playboy, for his jet setting lifestyle, and his legendary prowess with women. Among his spouses were two of the richest women in the world.By this last fact you can tell he knew what it took to have that luxury life that he had. Racing in formula had never been cheap.

Formula one in Dominican Republic have rise in number of espectators in the last 6 years and I am prettry sure that most of them don’t know that we already had one Dominican racing in that category. To conclude Porfirio never finished that race and never competed again in the category so this may be a reason for not consider him as a serious F1 driver, also because in those years more than ever you entered the races based on your financial status and not for your talent.

Formula 1 car sound

The car-man relation have always been a true love story. Ever since the

formula1 sound
Ears can even get hurt if aren't properly covered.

automobile was born man have been crazy about all type of cars. There are muscle cars, precision cars, luxury cars, classic cars,tiny cars, ecological cars, technological cars etc etc. All of them have their respective share on the market preference. Cars represent the true feeling of liberty by allowing us to traveled far distances as long as there is a road and gas.

But now I will like to talk about an special love I have for certain type of car. The first time I watched anF1 car driven in a long straight and then braking just at the very end of the corner to bounce back to 250-300 km/h in 6 to 10 second I was instantly captivated by the speed, and most of all, the sound

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