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Lewis Hamilton to drive for Ferrari?

In recently news Ferrari Team principal Stefano Dominicali talked about possible drivers that could be taking Felipe Massa’s seat for the year 2013. Stefano said that for now they hope that Massa keep fithing back to get in form and hope he can deliver better results for next year where his contract will come to an end. If Massa isn’t able to demostrate he can deliver what they are expecting, then is most likely that Ferrari will choose to bring a new and talented driver to the team. Within the drivers that could be replancing Massa Stefano mentioned now 2 times World Champion Sebastian Vettel and also 2008 World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

Looking at Vettel’s winning record at Red Bull the success and synergy within the team one can assume that he will be renewing with Red Bull for a couple of years more closing the chances to see him driving for Ferrari in the years to come. On the other hand Lewis Hamilton who is having probably his worst year after having one of the best season for a rookie driver in 2007 when he just came one point short to be crowned Formula One World Champion, it’s being taken into consideration by Ferrari to be Fernando Alonso’s teammate for the 2013 season.

Any formula one fan who had more than a couple of years watching this circus knows about the complicated relation that Alonso and Hamilton had when they were teammate in 2007. It was a season worth of an script of a Hollywood movie because of all the drama that we lived through out the championship.

For sure I know that if Ferrari its been serious about this it is very possible they have gone through creating special clauses for both drivers contracts in order to be safe in case something similar were to happen. After reviewing more than 20 times the start of the Brazilian Grand Prix of 2007 I think it is safe to say that Fernando Alonso was a key factor on helping Kimi Raikkonen to keep Lewis as back as possible so he can go on to win the 2007 championship by a single point over the two Mclaren drivers.
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It was clear in Fernandos minds that if he were not able to fight for the championship by winning the race he would do everything he could to stop Hamilton from doing so, and that shows how bad things were in the team at that moment. What we can be sure of is that if these pair get together we can expect an interesting battles through out the season and more drama of course. At least we would have something interesting to talk about instead of watching Red Bull dominance for a whole season.

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