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Formula 1 car sound

The car-man relation have always been a true love story. Ever since the

formula1 sound
Ears can even get hurt if aren't properly covered.

automobile was born man have been crazy about all type of cars. There are muscle cars, precision cars, luxury cars, classic cars,tiny cars, ecological cars, technological cars etc etc. All of them have their respective share on the market preference. Cars represent the true feeling of liberty by allowing us to traveled far distances as long as there is a road and gas.

But now I will like to talk about an special love I have for certain type of car. The first time I watched anF1 car driven in a long straight and then braking just at the very end of the corner to bounce back to 250-300 km/h in 6 to 10 second I was instantly captivated by the speed, and most of all, the sound

of the engine. I can say this was love at first sight, and I know that is a really true love, because even when some championships have turned monotonous with a driver taking everything (fastest lap, pole position, race-all of a sudden the Germany anthem is playing on the back of my head- ) I still watch the races sometimes even at 2 3 and 4 am in the morning.

As I said the pure and simple reason where this love is sustained sound of engine. I have to said that I feel more attracted to the way the f1 car sounded in the late 80’s and early 90’s from the current cars, however they all just sound great. Here is a great video with f1 cars from the early 90’s when the turbo was used.

Now here is another video from 2000 Spa Francorchamps qualifying with Mica Hakkinen on the wheel. Sit back and enjoy the show.

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