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80’s F1 vs 2011 f1 car


There is always an intrigue in every sports to know who is the best athlete who had ever play the sport. For that you have to analyze old players numbers from the past and also from the ones currently active, and on top of that, apply some margins to one an another in order to make a fair conclusion due to the advantage or disadvantage one era could have over the other in terms of rules, technology etc etc. In this video I want to show you how obvious it is in formula 1, technology and rules changes (to make the sport more attractive and safer) have helped to make this big difference in the drivers/cars performance year after year. In this case we go all the way back to 1986 to a lap in Monaco street circuit and compared it with one from 2011. The difference between performance is abysmal and although the 2011 driver/car was 22 second faster it looked much safer as well.

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