The Sound of a Blown Diffuser

Here is a video from last year Monza race.

Mclaren diffuser
In the video you can hear the sound generated by the blown diffuser when drivers brake for the corners. This system has clearly given the advantage to the Red Bull F1 team and as you can hear both cars have a heavier sound than others while braking. This is a complex system that allows the driver to use the exhaust to blow the diffuser while braking, thus generating the much needed down force in these type of cars to have a better performance. The system was rejected by several teams but at the end the FIA decided that it was a legal system, therefore, all the teams (or at least the top ones) had to adjust and quickly develop their cars to work with the system as well.

Benjamin Breny could be the first Dominican to drive in Formula 1

Benjamin Breny is a 21 years old Dominican raised in Belgium with a clear goal in his mind, get to Formula 1. Modern Formula 1 more than ever requires that the drivers not only have talent, it also requires from the driver a financial support so that the team could have better financial foundation to confront the high costs of running a complete season in Formula 1. This attempt by a Dominican is not the first one but at least is a serious one. Porfirio Rubirosa a Dominican Playboy raced in formula 1, just a single race and don’t even finished it.

Benjamin seems to be a decent driver with good chances of getting to the maximum category if he gets the financial support needed.

In this video Benjamin is doing a lap of the famous circuit Spa Francorchamps located in Belgium where he was raised.

Mark Webber won in Monaco

Mark Webber put out an outsanding performance to win the Formula One Monaco Gran Prix of 2012.

Mark Webber in red bull celebration monaco 2012
Mark Webber celebrating after winning monaco gran prix 2012
The Monaco Gran Prix is the most prestigious race of the entire season.year after year it gathers important personalities of the Movie Industry. This year was not the exception and within the personalities we were able to see Antonio Banderas and Will Smith in the grid.

Mark Webber have won this race twice in his career and with this one he puts himself in a competitive position in this years championship.

Formula One in Dominican Republic

It has been more than two year now that I got the chance to view a formula one car in action. Thanks to Red Bull promotions through out the world and local car dealer Peynado GA we had the opportunity to saw Jaime Alguersauari riding a Red Bull Formula 1 car at the popular known Malecon. It was an amazing day I can recall, although we had a hard time getting to our viewing spot due to the large crowd that gathered there to see the show.

However those 10 to 15 minutes of hearing the noise of an engine going 18,000 rpm and the smell of the rubber paid off the hard time we had that day. Formula One is the top category in racing and in these videos you will see why it drags so many spectators worldwide year after year.

Here is a short video of a carro publico (public transportation in dominican republic) vs a formula 1 car. It is very funny considering how the carro publico took advange and did a u turn instead of going all the way like the f1 did. This type of audacy is the one these drivers show day after day in the street of Santo Domingo.

Here is another short video of Juan Pablo Montoya driving the f1 BMW car in the street of london.

To ended up a video of Formula One car in the beach, specifically at Juanillo Beach Cap Cana Dominican Republic.

Did Porfirio Rubirosa took part in a F1 race?

The answer is yes. And for those of you who did not know, he was

Porfirio Rubirosa racing a formula 1
First dominican to race in Formula 1

a Dominican character known worldwide as a playboy. He made his mark as an international playboy, for his jet setting lifestyle, and his legendary prowess with women. Among his spouses were two of the richest women in the world.By this last fact you can tell he knew what it took to have that luxury life that he had. Racing in formula had never been cheap.

Formula one in Dominican Republic have rise in number of espectators in the last 6 years and I am prettry sure that most of them don’t know that we already had one Dominican racing in that category. To conclude Porfirio never finished that race and never competed again in the category so this may be a reason for not consider him as a serious F1 driver, also because in those years more than ever you entered the races based on your financial status and not for your talent.