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Tribute to Marco Simoncelli

Tribute to Marco Simoncelli
Marco Simoncelli as always smiling and with good spirit

Marco Simoncelli was undoubtedly one of those riders that you knew will some day be world champion. His personality on and off the track was the key for all the sympathies he rose within the moto gp fans from his 125 cc career to his arrival to Moto GP and his tragic departure in the Sepang gran prix of 2011. He was always smiling and open to talk to anybody and share some laughs, although once he fire up his moto it was another story. His fearless riding style earned him big rivalries within some of the motogp current biggest names.

simoncelli and pedrosa incident Le Mans gp 2011
Pedrosa lost the front of the bike due to the contact

The first fight to mention here is the Pedrosa vs Simoncelli in 2011 Le Mans GP. Simoncelli went to pass Pedrosa in the first corner and turn in a bit earlier, making contact with Pedrosa’s front tyre. Pedrosa then felt into the pavement dislocating his shoulder once again. Weeks later the met in a hallway within other drivers, Simoncelli went to shake hands with him but Pedrosas denied him.

Here is a video of the tribute the entire moto gp paddock gave him weeks after his tragic death.

As a racing fan I feel satisfy every time I see this video because it shows just how close this guys are despite the constant fight they hold in every race.

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