Formula 1 car sound

The car-man relation have always been a true love story. Ever since the

formula1 sound
Ears can even get hurt if aren't properly covered.

automobile was born man have been crazy about all type of cars. There are muscle cars, precision cars, luxury cars, classic cars,tiny cars, ecological cars, technological cars etc etc. All of them have their respective share on the market preference. Cars represent the true feeling of liberty by allowing us to traveled far distances as long as there is a road and gas.

But now I will like to talk about an special love I have for certain type of car. The first time I watched anF1 car driven in a long straight and then braking just at the very end of the corner to bounce back to 250-300 km/h in 6 to 10 second I was instantly captivated by the speed, and most of all, the sound

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Who is going to take Felipe Massa place in 2013?

Felipe needs to look for another seat in 2013
Felipe may have to leave the team next year

Much have been said about the 2013 season and the Ferrari team. Right now I think any formula one driver, fan and even detractor of the sport knows that despite all the nice things Ferrari have said about how they care and trust Felipe Masa and how confident they are that he will be up to form once again, Felipe Masa will have to look for another seat for next year’s championship. Of course neither the team and obviously the driver haven’t said anything about this until negotiations are at least 80% done. Now this brings us to the big question who is that driver that will take his place? is it a current formula 1 driver? is he a gp2 driver? is he a nascar driver? nahh just kidding.

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